Hey there,

If you’re here it means you’ve been trapped by our tight web spam, yes I’m talking to you, indulge yourself, because we are going to brag about whom we are and what we do.

We are an Italian alternative metal band, you can listen to or songs by clicking here.

We are currently looking for the right music label, who wants to help us to produce our first album.

Everything is ready to be recorded; we are in search for the right agency that lets us express our true potential.

Besides publishing of our LP by 2020, we will schedule a promotional tour to acquire new followers. But it’s not just music, for us, Dancaestral; our band is a very serious matter.
We swim in the digital marketing’s boundless seas, we easily manage PPC, newsletter, blogging and whatever, we are just ready to spam like there’s no tomorrow.


  • If you’re a talented manager we are looking for you!
  • If you’re an A&R we are looking for you!
  • If you’re a booking agency we are looking for you!

Now we are here, and you manage to read the whole babbling, thank you, really. If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at dancaestral@gmail.com or if you’re not interest we understand and please here’s the exit.


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  1. Ben the Savior Dancæstral 1:47
  2. Rimargina Dancæstral 5:09
  3. Gone By In Time and No Longer Existing Dancæstral 4:25
  4. Life Like Bridge Dancæstral 4:30
  5. The Thickset Dancæstral 2:48
  6. Leydig Dancæstral 4:41
  7. The Thickset, Acoustic Version Dancæstral 2:57


‘Rimargina’, a seven-track Demo, is their first Ep.
The song’s subjects deal with several aspects of life and relate to the way people respond to them: the difficulty of putting the past behind you, which causes nostalgia, regret and pain;
disdain for and refusal of the homogenisation of society; the everlasting existential dilemma of the afterlife; introspection and remorse for past actions caused by instinct and disposition.


Dancæstral (pronunced daːnsɛs.tɹəl) is the combination of the words ‘Dance’ and ‘Ancestral’, meaning purely instinctive dancing, movements our body makes without an intention,
under the influence of an involving music. Like you’re excited or enraptured while playing or enjoying a live concert.
The band was born to express this primordial, instinctive and basic human reaction. It starts when you let yourself go to the music, just out of the box, free from conventions and materialism we’re usually absorbed,
confined and inhibited. Sound envelopes the body which moves in a weird, uncoordinated way. Barriers break down, other people expectations and shame are gone.
In that moment we’re just “the all singing, all dancing crap of the world” as Tyler Durden from ‘Fight Club’ would say.
When this situation occurs, the result is a contamination between atmosphere, adrenaline, anger and inspiration, defined as ‘Dancæstral’.